Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Exciting Stuff

* MY PASSPORT IS FINALLY HERE!!! YAY!!! I can now travel I just need to wait until we leave on July crazy am I going??

* Apollo Anton Ohno won Dancing with the Stars last night. He was my pick, along with Billy Ray of course, from the beginning. I may have a bit of a crush on him now.

* I must write a very strongly worded letter to Fox Soccer Channel. They showed the big Chelsea-Man. Utd. game last night, which I DVR'd, as I was at work, and they cut it off just as they were going into overtime. It wasn't a live game, for pete's sake. They should have allotted adequate time for it!!!!

*But...Chelsea won 1-0 in double OT!! YAY BLUE!!!! They are now the FA Cup Champions!!!

* Tomorrow is the opening night of Pirates 3. I am going to the advance screening at 8 p.m. on Thursday....and Friday is Pirate Day at school.

* Recent pictures are on my Facebook....I'm just going to put them there until I can figure out the whole picture thing on this blog. I can't get it to work right!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Me and Heather at the Cub Foods

Tonight, Heather was over to hang out for a few minutes. I love Heather! She's just turned 18, and I've known her since she was a toddler...basically forever.

As we run over to Cub Foods, in her new Dodge Stratus that she got for her 18th birthday two months ago, I mention that I am so happy to see that she has the seat pulled up as far as possible. I also have my car seat pulled up all the way, which is necessary for me to be able to reach the pedals.

Heather says that she's never understood those driver's ed teachers that say that you should have a book's length of space in between you and the steering wheel. And then she decides she would like to try this, and see how it feels.

Quote of the night #1:
"I'm going to test something here, and if you die, it's not my fault."

Walking into Cubs, with Heather wearing a tank and a pair of capris... Quote of the night #2:
"I wish I had remembered to bring my jacket with me. I feel like a whore right now." show how much I love my Heather.....I scaled a cooler, just to get a package of bacon that was in the back.

I scaled a cooler at Cubs.

Fun times on a Thursday night.

Friday, May 4, 2007

This and That

Wow, it's been like a month since my last post. It's been a very long, draining month, but here's the highlights:

* I got a part time job at Babies R Us. I need more money, to pay for England and stuff, and figured if I'm going to work anywhere like that, Babies R Us would be the best place, as I am an expert at the product.

* Regular job is hell right now. Won't go into details here, but if you want to know the whole gory story, just ask me.

* Nathan's birthday is next week, on the 8th. I can't believe he's 4!! AND, Barrett's birthday is on the 14th. He's going to be 7!! It's all a bit insane.

* Another Goebel baby is coming around Thanksgiving! Congrats to Todd and Julie!

* Chelsea is still in the hunt for the league title. Joe Cole is amazing right now. Go Joe!!!! They play Arsenal on Sunday. It's a game they have to win, as they need all the points they can get right now if they want to win the league title for a third time.

* New season of Hannah Montana started last week. I know, it's the Disney Channel, but how can you not like Billy Ray Cyrus?

* Ella Marie started soccer this year. She is wearing the required uniform shirt, but other than that, everything she has on is pink. Pink shoes, soccer socks, shinguards, soccer ball, shorts, everything. It's not hard to pick her out of the group.

* Survivor is almost over. Alex (my pick) got voted out last night. It sucks.

* I need man.

* I think I might want to open up my own daycare/preschool center. I already have a name for it: Excelsior Prep. It's the name of the prep school that Lex Luthor went to in Metropolis. Any thoughts on this idea?

* Two months until camp. And, I've got nothing done for it. Panic is about to set in soon.

* Qdoba is the downfall of my existance. The steak nachos are a little piece of heaven.

* I saw a guy in Sam's the other day buying a box of 52 pair of underwear. That's a lot of underwear.

* Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Have a margurita and celebrate!