Friday, August 22, 2008

life update 8.22

I think I have used the work "suck" so much lately that it has begun to lose all meaning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

random question time

1. Who do you blame for your mood today? stupid boys

2. Have you ever seen a dead body? Yeah. I covered a murder scene once of the paper, the guy had been shot in the head, and his brains were dripping everywhere. It was gross.

3. What should we do with stupid people? shoot them all. I can't handle stupid people.

4. How long do you think you will live? According to the Death Clock, I will die on July 8, 2030.

5. What was the first thing you did this morning? Hit the snooze button, then watched the news.

6. The color of carpet in your bedroom? A blue-ish/gray speckled thing.

7. Last person you went out to dinner with? Aaron and Bob

8. Are you spoiled? nope

9. Do you drink lots of water? in the summer I do, I dehydrate easy.

10. Is your best friend a virgin? I hope not, she's married!!

11. When was the last time you were at a party? Went to a barbeque a couple of weeks ago.

12. The last website you visited? Lucas Trimmer's blog.

13. Who was the last person you took a picture with? Andrea Pembrook at camp!!

14. Last person you went to the movies with? I believe it was my sister.

15. What did you do/will you do for your birthday this year? I made dinner for the fam, then to Chili's to eat a boob sundae complements of Bob Reynolds.

16. Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week? Go forward..this last week sucked!

17. Would you use your normal vocabulary if Jesus were standing beside you (in the flesh)? Of course...He hears what I'm saying all the time anyway, why change it?

18. Do you know where the red fern grows? yes I do.

19. What's the last cartoon you watched? Does Wall-E count?

20. If someone gave you spinners for your wheels, would you use them? no thanks, I'm not a gangster girl.

21. Do you like the shape of your fingernails? They are weird, they curl down, but I like it.

22. Pretend you're single, If you had to marry a famous musician, who would it be? Hmm....Bono. Seriously...the man's a stud.

23. What room/position are you usually in when you watch TV? Curled up in my big oversized chair in the living room.

24. Do you put salt on your watermelon? I put salt on everything. Seriously.

25. Do you get sick easily? Nope...I have a super-immunity thanks to years of daycare work!

26. Where was the biggest bruise you've ever had and how did you get it? Bruised legs after car accident

27. What do you eat on your hotdogs? ketchup

28. Are you good at hiding your feelings? yes, do it all the time

29. Can you braid hair? yes, do it all the time

30. Do you drink Red Bull or any other energy drink on a regular basis? never. that would kill me!! :)

31. How old will you be in seven months? still 32.

32. What is the relationship between you and the last person who called you? friend.

33. Would you like to let go of the past? always

34. How many people have you kissed with a name that starts with a "J"? none

35. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? chocolate...regular is gross

36. What color are the pants your wearing? not wearing pants...wearing skirt!

37. Have you ever taken medications that were prescribed to someone else? yeah, but it was because I had run out of my own!

38. Do you have a dirty mind? yeah...makes me a good copy editor!

39. Are you usually the first to say sorry when you're in a fight, or the last? depends

40. Do you like the smell of gasoline? no...that would be weird.

Friday, August 1, 2008

giant pandas

For those that know me well, you know I have a bit of an obsession with giant pandas. It began when I was a baby, when my dad used to called me 'Miranda Panda" because it rhymed and it made me laugh when he said it. Well, that got shortened to just Panda, or Panda girl, which I apparently used to my advantage as a preschooler. My mom has tons of stories of me wanting something, my dad saying no, then I would "cry" and look at him very mournfully and say, "But I'm your Panda girl", which always pushed him over the edge. Unfortunately for me, it's doesn't quite work anymore (trust me, I've tried).

This week is China week on the Travel Channel, in honor of the upcoming Olympic Games. One of my dreams has always been to travel to China and see the giant pandas at the giant panda reserve.

Last night, Samantha Brown did a show on Sichuan province, where the Cohen Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation is located in a village called Chengdu. It rocked. Come to find out, not only is it open to the public, but for an extra $200, you can get the "backstage" tour, where you actually get to see baby pandas in their incubators that have just been born and get to play with the cubs outside in the cub habitat. I could actually play with real live giant panda cubs. For just a bit more (like $125), you can even hold one to get your picture taken and cuddle and such.

Anyone want to go to China with me?