Thursday, December 21, 2006

The crazy week before Christmas....

I can't believe that Christmas is just four days away. And Festivus (for the restofus) is in two days.

This past week has been non-stop. Today is my only night off, and I'm glad to have the down time to wrap presents, catch up on some CSI, etc.

Sunday was the Outerpark Christmas Extravaganza. I messed up a few times, but they were minor, so only those who know what was supposed to happen know I messed up (which was like 2 people). Other than that, it went very well!! My mom did comment, though, during the rendition of TSO's Carole of the Bells, with the red lights on the stage and everyone wearing black, that it was a good representation of what she's often imagined hell would be like.

Tuesday, I took Barrett and Ella Marie to go see Charlotte's Web. I thought it was fabulous!! The kids really like it. And they didn't get too upset when Charlotte dies at the end. (If I just ruined it for you, well, it's like the Titanic. You know what happens at the end going in!)

After that, we had Christmas at the Kurmann household. I got Barrett a sports bag with his name on it, Clayton a tool chest (and 40 tools) from Home Depot, and Ella Marie a gift certificate for a princess makeover at the princess store. Of course, they all loved their gifts....Randa knows how to shop for her kids!

While this week has been fun so far...I can't wait until Saturday!!! My friend Rachel is back in Illinois!!! YAY!!! She moved to Montana after college, so while we still keep in touch, I don't remember the last time I actually was in the same state with her....let alone the chance to hang out like old times!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

In today's edition if the SJ-R...

Story by me in today's A&E section of the State Journal-Register. Go read it, and leave a comment about how wonderful it is (and how wonderful I am)!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Soulmate

This morning, while checking my email, there was a banner ad across the top of the screen. It promised that by entering in my name and zodiac sign, it would give me the name of my soulmate. Turns out, my soulmate is named Jeffrey. I only know one Jeffrey, and he's married. So, I don't think it's him. But, I will definitely be on the lookout for guys named Jeff in the future. If you're name's not Jeff, well, I guess that means you are not my soulmate.

Although, according to a girl at camp, Bob Reynolds is my soulmate because we have the same license plate. Guess Jeff will have some competition for the soulmate status.

P.S. I do need a date to a wedding next weekend. Jeff, if you are out me.
Best quote of the night:

A girl walks into to Jolly Tamale, where Dan, Bob and I are eating.

Dan - "Wow, she's really cute."

Bob - "We should throw a sancho at her."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's amazing to me how much kids grow up in such a short time. And I am always amazed that I get to be around some of them long enough to see that change.

Nathan has started to develop concern, empathy and the desire to think about others. He's only three years old, but his level of sympathy and empathy is astounding to me already.

This past week, I have babysat for him twice (it's the holiday season, babysitting increases by leaps and bounds). Wednesday, when Todd called to say that they were on their way home, he mentioned that Julie wasn't feeling 100% well. I told Nathan that we should go upstairs and get his pajamas on, since Mommy wasn't feeling good and it would be very helpful if he was already in his pjs when she got home. He agreed, but then began to go even futher with it, asking me if we had the stuff to make a pie (like we always do for Julie's birthday), because "that might make Mommy feel better".

Scott has been sick all week....chest infection, fluid behind his ears (a precursor to an ear infection), cough, etc. His pediatrician put him on Zithromax Wednesday, which has pretty much knocked him on his butt. While he was laying on me Wednesday night, Nathan kept coming over to him, rubbing his back, bringing him toys and books, etc.

Last night was the greatest example of this. Todd and Julie had a family holiday thing down around St. Louis, and wouldn't be home by bedtime. So, Nathan wanted to call them before he went to sleep to say goodnight.

As I am watching him talk to his mom, he keeps telling her to "make sure that they drive carefully, because Tom and Leanne's house is very far away." And that she needs to wear her seatbelt, etc. He sounded like the worried father of a 16-year-old girl who just got her license. It was so flippin' cute!!

In the past, when out shopping for a birthday, Christmas or other gift-giving occasion, he hasn't always gotten the concept that you have to pick out what you think the other person would want. For Todd's birthday last year, for example, he picked out a dump truck with lights and sounds. This year, however, he is so excited to go shopping for presents for Mommy and Daddy and Scott, and he already knows what he wants to get them. They are presents that they would actually like! Not dump trucks or tractors! He's getting so grown up......

Nathan talking on the phone with his mom....

Scott checking out my shoes..the soles are coming off at the toe, so he thinks it is really funny to pull them apart.

Scott being pathetically cute.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Well, let's go on a journey of the last few days in the life of me.......

First off....I have a bazillion stories due for the paper. It's busy time, but it also means money! As is the babysitting thing. Busy time to babysit, but again, it's money.

To complicate matters further, the ice storm of the century hits. And my house loses power. After trying to tough it out with no power, which also means no heat, in my little apartment, I decide to abandon ship and go to my sister's house, which has power. On the way to said house, however, my beautiful Neon gets stuck in the the parking lot. How sad is that!

My sister agrees to come over and help me dig it out, but calls a few minutes later, saying that her parking lot hasn't been plowed yet and she can't get out either.

I then call Todd and Julie, who agree to come rescue me and take me their house. When Todd arrives in his 4x4, he asks if we can make a quick stop at the firm to pick up a few files. When we get there, Todd decides that it's a great time to do doughnuts in the parking lot. However, he didn't tell me we were doing that...doughnuts by surprise are quite scary at first.

After we left Gates, Wise and Schlossler, we head out, and come across a tree that is down, blocking the road. This is when Todd asks, "Do you think we can make it?" and proceeds to drive through the tree branches. That's right. Through a tree.

My power is back on now, finally....yay!

To make the weekend just that much better, a sheet of ice about 2 foot wide, 4 foot long and at least 3-5 inches think fell off of my car yesterday morning, and landed on my knee. My leg is now a gross shade of black.

But...if I have to be stuck inside during a snowstorm, the Goebels house is the place to be. The kids were competely cracking me up all night long!

So, the power is on, I have heat, my stories are done, and none too soon, because everyone around me is getting sick, kids, parents, teachers, my sister, etc. Time to start doing shots of Airbourne.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

welcome to my blogspot

Ok, so I decided to get rid of the xanga thing, because, well, this looks way cooler than xanga, I get to have my own name in the address, and my kids in my class are on here (yes, I know, it's all very 4 month olds have blogs!). So, I figured I'd start using this one, that way anyone can post a comment, and I can post comments on my kids' sites as well. Plus, I'm kind of getting bored with the xanga thing, so it's time for a change.

More to come later, but for now.....head over to to check out Lucas' blog! He's 4 months old, and it's really funny!