Friday, March 16, 2007

Randomness from the last week or so

  • Today is the first day of the two day long St. Patrick's Day celebration. I have eaten potatoes about 4 times already, I believe. Man, I love potatoes.
  • I may or may not have scared a life out of my sister's cat today.
  • Next weekend the Professional Bullriders Association is in town for two days. Hmm....cowboys...........
  • Joe Cole is hoping to return to playing for Chelsea in about a month. He's been out for most of the season so far due to injury. It's been a long season without my Joe.
  • My Punky has been in Florida for the last week with the family. I am having serious Punky withdrawl.
  • This week, I began taking a prescription sleeping pill. I can go to sleep fine, but keep waking up during the night and staying awake. I didn't realize how tired I was until Saturday, when I took the first one and slept 12 hours straight. Guess I was a bit tired!
  • Sunday was Clayton's third birthday. I can't believe he's three!! I remember holding him in the hospital when he was just 6 hours old. I got him a Betta fish and a fish tank. He is so excited...and promptly named his fish Nemo. He asked me several times why he can't pet his fish. It's a hard concept for a three year old.
  • I have lost 11 pounds so far on my "eat healthier" plan. Yay me!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Potatoes, St. Patrick's Day, and all other things Irish

So, I did a dumb thing. Although I'm not Catholic, in recent years I have been trying to give something up for Lent, just to see if I could.

This year, I gave up potatoes. It's a hard thing. I am Irish and English, it turns out. More Irish, though, like 90%. In case you couldn't tell by my pale white skin, blonde hair and numerous freckles. I know, it's a shock. Just believe me on this one. I'm really Irish.

Giving up potatoes is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some days when I just eat a big bowl of mashed potatoes with stuff added to it for lunch or supper. That's how much I like potatoes.

My one reprieve is that I put the stipulation in that I can eat potatoes on St. Patrick's Day. It would be impossible to eat Irish food on that day and not have something made from potatoes involved. Two weeks to go until my day of reprieve....................

But on to the exciting news..........

This summer...I'm going to the UK!!!!

First off, we're going to Ireland. Our first stop will be the Cliffs of Moher (below). Aren't they amazing?

After five fun filled days in the land of my ancestry (and the land that gave us Guiness), we're off to Scotland. While in Scotland, I plan on buying a piece of land, so I can become an official Lady. And yes, I will be making everyone call me Lady if you want to go ahead and start now so you can get used to it, feel free.

From there....on to England. First stop.....Pemberley. From Pride and Prejudice, the six-hour mini series...not the crappy movie that came out last year. Trust me, it sucks wind compared to the BBC version.

This is Lyme Park, which they used for Pemberley. And, yes, I do plan on stealing a bottle of water from the lake out in front, where the famous Mr. Darcy-coming-out-of-the-lake-looking-all-wet-and-sexy-scene took place.

Speaking of Mr. Darcy...I also plan on stalking Colin Firth while there.......

And Joe Cole. A tour of Stamford Bridge (Chelsea's football stadium) is on the first day of London's itnerary. The tour includes the locker room, so even if I don't see him, I can still try to leave him a note in his locker. I know, it's all very junior high, but what's the alternative?

Four and a half months until we leave. I don't know if I can wait that long!!!! The wait is going to kill me if the loss of potatoes don't first!