Saturday, October 11, 2008

bored - babysitting and kids are sleeping

33 Little Secrets
Be honest no matter what...
1: Who are your last 4 texts from? April, Mandy, Laura, Sarah Liz

2: Where was your default picture taken? The pic on my blog - me kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland!

3: What's your middle name? Lynette

4: Whats your current favorite color? Green

5: Does your crush like you back? nope :(

6: What is your current mood? tired, bored, and I have a killer headache

7: When is your birthday? July 14

8: What color shirt are you wearing? blue Superman shirt from Metropolis, IL

9: If you were going on a Reality TV show, which one would it be? Survivor!!! :)

10: Did you ever sneak into an R rated movie? didn't have to

11: Ever had a near death experience? yes, almost decaptiated in car accident in '99

12: Something you do a lot? work, text, shop

13: How old will you be in 12 months? 33

14: Do you want to see somebody right now? Sure do

15: How many piercings? none - my earrings ripped out when I was in high school

16: When was the last time you cried? Wednesday

17: Who would you do anything for? the kids

18: Who is your hero? I have to answer...Charissa Holland!

19: American Pie or Superbad? neither, they are both stupid

20: What's your biggest fear? being alone

21: Would you ever take one of your ex's back? I always say, they are ex for a reason

22: What are you going to do tonight? babysitting the Trimmer kids

23: What was the first thing you said this morning? Called Mandy

24: Speak any other languages? French, and can sign some

25: Whats your favorite smell? Irish peat moss, babies, the fabulous turkey I make with a cloves and nutmeg rub

26: Do you like to sleep naked? only in the summer when it's really hot

27: Do you like rain? I love rain!! :)

28: What are you thinking about right now? Trying to figure out what caused this knot on the back of my head.......and hoping that baby Cameron doesn't wake up again!

29: What did your last outgoing text say? Are you still in line?

30: What are you listening to? Lucas coughing

31: Who was the last person you yelled at? um....I don't remember, I'm not really a yeller

32: who is the last person you said 'i love you' to? Lucas

33: Who last made you smile? Have to go with Lucas again, the kid cracks me up!!!

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